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You can find our events on Meetup, Facebook, Instagram, or listed below:

April 2024

May 2024

  • 5/6 - Sacred Women's Circle (7-8:30PM on Zoom) - Meetup / Facebook

  • 5/? - Community Social at Red Emma's - TBA

  • 5/14 - Community Men's Circle (7-9PM at St. Luke's on the Avenue) - Meetup / Facebook

  • 5/20 - Trans/Non-Binary/Questioning Psychedelic Integration Group (7-9PM on Zoom) - Meetup

  • 5/21 - Community Integration Circle (7-9PM on Zoom) - Meetup / Facebook

  • 5/28 - Community Men's Circle (7-9PM on Zoom) - Meetup / Facebook

Recurring Zoom Events (all at 7pm): 

  • Women's Circle: 1st Monday of each month

  • Trans/Non-binary/Questioning Integration Circle: 3rd Monday of each month

  • Community Integration Circle: 3rd Tuesday of each month

  • Men's Circle: 4th Tuesday of each month

Recurring In Person Events:

  • Meet & Greet: 1st Sunday afternoon of every other month, usually at the Druid Hill Zen Garden or Cylburn Arboretum

  • Social: Weeknights each month when a Meet & Greet isn't happening, usually at Red Emma's

  • Men's Circle: 2nd Tuesday of each month, 7pm at St. Luke's on the Avenue

  • Women's Circle: Occasional in-person meetings on Sundays.

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