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MAPS - Crisis Hotlines & Mental Health Resources

Having a difficult experience? If you need support right now, call the Fireside Project. If you're at a festival, try the Zendo Project.

Local Baltimore Resources

-Baltimore American Indian Center

-Backyard Basecamp

-Baltimore Breathwork

-Baltimore County Harm Reduction Program

-Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition

-Baltimore Safe Haven

-Daniel Carl Torsch Foundation

-Healing City Baltimore

-Inspiration Community

-Mayor's Office of Homeless Services

-Motion Collective

-Queer Crisis Response Unit

-SPARC Women's Center

-The Pride Center of MD

Other Regional Psychedelic Organizations

-Annapolis Psychedelic Society

-Conscious Cannabis Community of MD

-D.C. Friends of Psychedelic Science

-D.C. Psychedelic Society

-Inner Path Wellness

-Johns Hopkins Psychedelic Society

-MoCo Psychedelic Society

Conservation & Reciprocity

-Amazon Conservation Team

-Blessings of the Forest

-Getting to the Root

-Huachuma Collective

-Indigenous Medicine Conservation Fund

-Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative

-Indigenous Reciprocity Initiative of the Americas

-Sonoran Desert Toad Fund

-Wirikuta Preservation Project

Harm Reduction & Education

-EPIC (Ethical Psychedelic International Community)


-Plant Parenthood

-Psychedelic Association of Canada Harm Reduction Resource List
-Psychedelic Practitioner Code of Conduct

-Psychedelic Seminars

-Psychedelic Safety Flags

-Psychedelic.Support - Free Courses

-Psychonaut Wiki

-Spiritual Emergence Network - USA Transpersonal Links

-Third Wave

Retreat & Clinic Directories

-Third Wave - Retreats Directory / Choosing a retreat

-Psychedelic Experience - Retreats / Clinics / Choosing a retreat

-Healing Maps


-Aya Advisors Retreat Reviews

-Entheonation - Legal Psychedelic Retreats
-Ketamine Academy

-Ketamine Directory

-Ketamine Clinics Directory

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