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Baltimore has served as “ground zero” for psychedelic research and, subsequently, the psychedelic renaissance. The work of Johns Hopkins has inspired the establishment of other research centers across the U.S. and internationally, with more in the making. Over time, such research has expanded from “end-of-life” cancer studies to ones that address addiction, depression, anxiety and other mental health concerns. The benefits of psychedelics appear to be far-reaching and deep, with new studies emerging all the time. This means greater opportunity for people to participate in a study, with all the support, safety and care that the various research teams can provide. Below are links to the institutions/centers which are currently engaged in psychedelic research and clearinghouse websites that can direct you to the current clinical trials. Perhaps one could serve you well.

Looking to get involved? Learn if any clinical trials are happening near you: - Ongoing US Psychedelic Trials - How to join a clinical trial

Psychedelic Spotlight - 56 trials now recruiting volunteers

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