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Perhaps the most consistent question posed to the Baltimore Psychedelic Society is 'How I can have a psychedelic journey of my own?'. Given the current legal and sociocultural environment in the Baltimore area, this question is not a simple one to answer. This page is meant to help you navigate the many possibilities for a psychedelic experience that currently exist, and to assist you in deciding what might prove best for your situation. Whatever you choose to do, we desire for you to have a journey which is safe, optimal and effective for your personal health and psychospiritual evolution.

From our vantage point, a person looking for a psychedelic experience has three primary paths: get accepted in a research study, find a legal psychedelic retreat center, or choose to “go it alone” by creating their own DIY project. You can find all the current clinical trials with psilocybin and MDMA on our Research page on this website, and that may be a starting point for many of you. For the rest of you, we’ll be dividing the remainder of this page into two categories: Retreat Centers and “Going it Alone”. We hope it serves you well.

Retreat Centers

The emergence of psychedelic retreat centers across the world in the last 10 years has been quite remarkable and steady! Most of these centers have primarily focused on plant medicines such as Ayahuasca, Peyote and psilocybin, which are typically used in a ceremonial or quasi-ceremonial manner. They are also located in countries whose drug laws are friendly toward psychedelics and their use is ostensibly legal. Instead of listing all the places available, we’ve provided links to several websites that serve as clearinghouses for such centers and, in some cases, have spent some time and energy vetting them. As with everything psychedelic, we encourage you to do your homework, research the various places listed, seek references, and assess your own readiness before attending a retreat center. Having a friend join you in the venture can be a good way to bring increased safety and less anxiety to the grand adventure. The cost of the centers vary greatly, depending on the wraparound services and amenities they offer. Some may have scholarships for people in hardship or certain socio-economic categories. If you go this route, we’d love to hear about your experience to better help others in the future.

In the US, the only currently legal treatment is Ketamine. You can find a ketamine provider in your state using the following directories:

Ketamine Directory

Ketamine Therapy USA - Alphabetical Providers List

Ketamine Clinics Directory

If you're willing to travel outside the US, you can find legal psychedelic retreats in many other countries:

Psychedelic Experience - Directory / Choosing a retreat

Third Wave - Retreats Directory / Choosing a retreat

Entheonation - Legal Psychedelic Retreats


Here are a couple more resources if you're specifically seeking Ayahuasca:


Aya Advisors Retreat Reviews


Be sure to thoroughly research any provider you're interested in, as not all of them are equally reputable and safe. The Third Wave has vetted a few providers, which is a good place to start, but do your own research regardless.


If you'd rather do it yourself and journey from the comfort of your own home, that also requires a lot of research and preparation. A good place to start is by finding your preferred substance on Erowid's Big Chart Index and reading through the vaults.


Always check drug interactions before proceeding:

Mind Medicine Australia Interactions Chart

Sussex Partnership Interactions Chart

The Spirit Pharmacist

Be sure to test your drugs, especially when using synthetics. You can learn more about testing and buy test kits from these places:


WIM Scientific Laboratories

Learn more about psychedelic harm reduction:

Psychedelic.Support - Free Courses

If you'd like to learn more about drug harm reduction beyond the sphere of psychedelics:

Baltimore County Harm Reduction Program

Baltimore Harm Reduction Coalition



Many integration circles are available to attend, including our own, which happens on Zoom the third Tuesday of each month. There are also many specialized circles run by others, including trans circles, BIPOC circles, and more.